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    Experienced in international law, security studies, conflict resolution and transitional justice, Jeremy Levitt is also dedicated to
    change management, and other administrative topics. He currently holds the positions of vice-chancellor’s chair and distinguished professor of international law at the University of New Brunswick, where he previously served as a dean. A
    published author, Jeremy Levitt has written about race and other aspects of international human rights law and conflict management, in addition to consulting on a number of government reports and monographs.

    A leading scholar on the subject of international law and women's rights, Mr. Levitt is a patron of the American Society of International Law and has delivered keynote lectures on topics ranging from human rights in Africa and international justice to issues facing international criminal courts and monetary policy. He is also a regular columnist and contributor for the Orlando Sentinel and coedits Justice and Social Inquiry, a series focused on addressing contemporary problems through legal, historical, and sociopolitical analysis. Jeremy Levitt has also served in a number of academic positions relating to international law, including as an associate dean and distinguished professor.

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    The founder and CEO of The Levitt Group, LLC, Dr. Jeremy Levitt completed his Ph.D. in politics...
    Legal practitioner and global advisor Dr. Jeremy Levitt has visited 37 countries around the world...
    Dr. Jeremy Levitt is a distinguished professor of international law at Florida A&M University,...
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