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ABF Research Benefits Growing Latino Population in United States

Jeremy Levitt

The founder and CEO of The Levitt Group, LLC, Dr. Jeremy Levitt completed his Ph.D. in politics and international studies at the University of Cambridge. Dr. Jeremy Levitt is a member of the American Bar Foundation (ABF).

The ABF exists as a research institute that advances the study of law. This nonprofit organization has conducted empirical research on issues in the legal system for over 60 years. Funded by the American Bar Endowment, the ABF’s research has influenced laws regarding social policy, education, and human rights.

A current research initiative of ABF, The Future of Latinos in the United States: Law, Opportunity, and Mobility aims to serve the Latino community in the country by creating smart policies. The project’s goals include advancing policy-making to address inequality, providing educational resources to Latinos through public policy clinics, and promoting public understanding through a bilingual website.

Authored by Robert L. Nelson and Rachel F. Moran, this study also tackles topics on civic engagement, economic opportunity, health care, and education of members of the Latino community.


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